We are one of the leading institutions in Kenya

well known for our exciting approach to tertiary education and training. Our students are drawn from all over East Africa and even beyond.

Schools In Our College

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  • School of Tourism

    Among the top careers in the field are travel Attendants, tour guides, etc. All these courses are examined by KNEC while others are examined by ICM internationa ... body.

    • Courses :
  • School of Social Sciences

    Pursuing a career in Social Sciences will help you understand human behaviour and provide support to the community when needed. Students learn to think critical ... rate.

    • Courses : 4 Diplomas; 4 Certificates; 5 Short Courses
  • School of Journalism and mass Communication

    If you won’t stop pressing until you get the full story, a career in journalism may be right for you! News and stories do not stop happening or brewing once t ... you.

    • Courses : 1 Diploma; 1 Certificate; 1 Short Course
  • School of Hospitality

    Among the top careers in the field are Hotel Staff/Manager, Entertainment Manager, Event Planner, Chef, Food & Beverages services etc. All these courses are ... body.

    • Courses : 5 Diplomas; 3 Certificates
  • School of Health and Applied Sciences

    The health and medical industry is a wide industry worldwide and graduates get rewarding careers in their selected field in health sciences. Students learn the ... nals.

    • Courses : 3 Diplomas; 2 Certificates
  • School of Fashion and Design

    Fashion and design is one of the most fulfilling careers in the world. The fashion designing industry also brings qualified fashion designers lots of employment ... ties.

    • Courses : 2 Diplomas; 2 Certificates
  • School of Engineering

    Studying engineering can lead to exciting career prospects and top salaries across a wide range of industries. Engineering is one of the best fields to pursue f ... reer.

    • Courses : 11 Diplomas; 11 Certificates; 1 Short Course
  • School of Education

    An early childhood education diploma/certificate is a chance to learn about the specific tools that help a young child love learning, something that will benefi ... ives.

    • Courses : 1 Diploma; 1 Certificate
  • School of Cosmetology

    Beauty therapy is a fast growing industry; and it requires skilled labour to sustain its growth. Pursuing beauty therapy offers students an opportunity to learn ... rend.

    • Courses : 3 Diplomas; 1 Certificate
  • School of Computing & Informatics

    Jobs in the Computer and IT related fields are constantly growing with a guarantee of high pay. If you are thinking of pursuing a computer related course, expec ... ield.

    • Courses : 5 Diplomas; 3 Certificates; 5 Short Courses
  • School of Business and Logistics

    Business and related subjects are among the most popular fields of study at tertiary level worldwide, providing a unique set of skills needed to run, manage or ... them.

    • Courses : 16 Diplomas; 13 Certificates; 6 Short Courses
  • Jodan Driving School

    Jodan Driving School is the no. 1 driving school in Thika, which is a subsidiary of Jodan College of Technology. We are registered with NTSA and offer the new N ... ulum.

    • Courses :